About Paramount Security Home

Paramount Security Home was developed with one thing in mind, you! Our company foundation is making sure that the customer is, and always will be, the focus of our business. Together, our owners have decades of experience in the security industry. When we decided to open Paramount Security Home, we wanted customer satisfaction to drive our business. We also demanded that if we were going to start a home security company, it was going to be different from every other company out there. The security industry is one that should be driven by honesty and integrity. Recently, many companies have set aside honesty and integrity, and replaced them with sales tricks and gimmicks designed to drive the bottom line.

The Owners of Paramount Security Home are committed to operating this company by being up front with our customers. We will deliver a top quality product and service at a fair price. We will be open and honest with every customer. We want you to be happy that you chose us as your security provider.